Global Wealth Inequality

This look at global wealth inequality comes from Credit Suisse’s 2013 global wealth report.


On the left side of the triangle we can see the division of all adults in the world into four groups based on net wealth.  The base of the triangle includes all those adults with less than $10,000 in net wealth.  That group includes 3.2 billion people, or more than two-thirds of all adults in the world.  They collectively own a total net wealth of $7.3 trillion or 3% of total world wealth.

The next group up includes those individuals with net wealth between $10,000 and $100,000.  This group has 22.9% of all adults and owns $13.7% of total world wealth.

Jumping to the top group, we see that the wealthiest 32 million adults control 41% of total world wealth.  This group, with less than 1% of all adults, has more wealth than the bottom 91% of all adults.

According to the report, global wealth grew 4.9% from last year, with the United States accounting for 72% of the increase.


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