Korea Policy Institute 2018 reader

The Korea Policy Institute is pleased to present its 2018 Korea Policy Institute reader, a valuable resource for classrooms, study groups, and individuals seeking critical context to the unfolding situation on the Korean peninsula. This must-read compilation features 19 articles from leading analysts, journalists, and scholars in the United States, Asia, and the Pacific, and is divided into five sections:

  1. The Unending Korean War
  2. U.S. Foreign Policy Towards North Korea
  3. South Korea: The Democratic Struggle
  4. Voices for Peace
  5. A Hopeful Start to an Era of Peace

View and download the 130-page KPI reader now.  A donation of $3 would be appreciated.  For hard copies, please make a donation of $6 (includes domestic postage) via PayPal. Be sure to note “READER” and include your address. For more cost-efficient bulk orders, please email info@kpolicy.org.